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Hey! What's up!

Postby Supermario641996 » Wed Jun 21, 2017 7:16 am

Just popping in to say hi ;) Looks pretty barren here but who cares! My own forum has been barren FOR YEARS! lol Hope you're are all doing well! I do have my internet now. I've had it since December.

The computer in my signature is no longer correct xP Maybe I should fix that. I haven't been using brony pics for a while on most of my accounts for reasons pertaining to a friend but that doesn't involve him here so I'll leave it :D

Oh and my dA account. I closed that so I should prolly remove that too. My YT is still valid though!
Ok, my current PC build is now in my signature. I plan on building an AMD based cpu computer again next time with an nvidia GPU.
I don't use raptr anymore because AMD dropped it as it's recording software (AMD GVR) but I've updateed the info on it anyway. Just waiting for it to process my steam games and achievements (achievements have doubled since the last time and games have almost doubled). lol
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